Kyle Gulau

Kyle Gulau, B.B.A.’11

The Busy Builder
Founder, Zooward

If you only had 10 seconds with Kyle Gulau, he would tell you he grew up on a farm, studied finance and electronic business marketing, fell in love with Kalamazoo and ended up buying some buildings. But there’s more to his story than that.

The early days of Gulau’s career were spent working with a variety of startup companies in Kalamazoo, some of which he actually founded. But it wasn’t until he was exposed to real estate and commercial development that he considered purchasing and redeveloping properties. And so Zooward was born, an incremental development and construction company located in Kalamazoo. In addition to his hectic work schedule, Gulau is also the youngest sitting member on the Economic Development and Brownfield Board, and also instructs the WMU drumline.