Andell Gill

Andell Gill, B.B.A.’16

Creator of Opportunities
Senior Supplier Controls Analyst, Stryker

An episode of Seinfeld—that’s how long it took Andell Gill to figure out what he wanted to do with his life. During one of Michigan’s notorious winters, it took Gill just 30 minutes working outside on his dad’s construction site to truly understood the value of hard work. Now, Gill is using this drive to succeed at Stryker.

Working as a senior supplier controls analyst at the Fortune 500 medical technologies firm, Gill has spent the last few years busy with several global projects, even having the chance to work in Puerto Rico on special assignments. And that drive doesn’t end after work either. Not only has Gill raised over $1,000 through a variety of volunteer efforts, but he’s also helping former convicts reacclimate to society, as well as working to create a program to prepare minority students for professional success post-graduation.