Davenport johnson

The Only Constants: Change and the Customer

At the helm of Comerica's efforts to refine regulatory processes, increase efficiencies and foster loyalty from customers, Rhonda Davenport Johnson, B.B.A.'84, MBA'93, says that although much has changed at Comerica, there is a constant—the customer. Read more

Leader, Learner, Donor

John Roa, B.B.A.'07, a successful entrepreneur who recently sold his company to a Fortune 500, shares his story of struggling through school, pursuing meaningful projects and finding balance in his life.

Invention and Reinvention

Psyche Terry, B.B.A.’03, owner and operator of Urban Intimates, relied on her own experiences to launch her company and land a deal with Macy's.

The Purrfect Pair

Brandon Zavala, B.S.'07, MBA'12, unleashed a niche market for pet beverages that landed him a deal on Shark Tank. Sit back, pour your cat some wine, and read Zavala's story.

From Dorm to Distributor

Making good on a dream from their days in the dorm at WMU, Harlin Thomas, B.B.A.'01, and Floyd Sartin, B.A.'03, are distributing gourmet coffee sourced from around the world.

Little City, Big Dreams

Improving the quality of life and generating revenue with the assistance of MBA students and Dr. Derrick McIver, developers hope their town—Watervliet—becomes the "Biggest Little City in Michigan."

Eight Students

Change Agents

Management expert Peter Drucker once said, "We now accept the fact that learning is a lifelong process of keeping abreast of change." Our students and faculty work hard to be aware of emerging trends. Eight students share insights into their chosen fields and our faculty chime in on important topics of the day.


The Field of Play

Jamauri Bogan is disciplined, analytical, empathetic and talented, which has him rushing toward success in the classroom and on the gridiron.

Perspectives from Alumni

Human Resources

Lattices Versus Ladders

Christine (Gilboe) Walsh, B.B.A.'05, discusses talent, engagement and development and her philosophy regarding change. Read this Q and A, which includes advice for hiring agents and job seekers.


Change: Researched and Resourced

"Hope is not a strategy for change," says Kay (Jarzyna) Benesh, B.B.A.'81, senior audit partner at Deloitte & Touche LLP. Read about best practices for change employed by Benesh and Deloitte.

Richard Hook
Big Data

Driving Change and Innovation in IT

Richard Hook, B.B.A.'96, senior vice president and chief information officer at Penske, spoke about trends in big data and the internet of things at the college's IT Forum. Read a Q and A.

Significant Insight