Photo of Jan Van Der Kley
Vice President for Business and Finance
(269) 387-2365
Photo of Ann Marie Cox
Executive Assistant Sr.
(269) 387-2365
Photo of Julie Carroll
Assistant Director of Corporate Reporting and Taxation
(269) 387-2981
Photo of Michele Cole
Business Services Director
(269) 387-4827
Photo of Nick Griffith
Manager of Cash Management and Investments
(269) 387-4131
Photo of Warren Hills
Associate Vice President of Human Resources
(269) 387-3895
Photo of Jeff Long
Director of Accounting Services
(269) 387-2208
Photo of Betty McKain
Director of Grants and Contracts
(269) 387-4707
Photo of Scott Merlo
Director of Public Safety
(269) 387-5573
Photo of Rob Pennock
Director of Auxiliary Enterprises
(269) 387-2315
Photo of Scott Puckett
Senior Director of Information Technology
(269) 387-3658
Photo of Gayla Squibbs
Executive Assistant
(269) 387-2365
Photo of Peter Strazdas
Associate Vice President of Facilities Management
(269) 387-8584
Photo of Patti Van Walbeck
Associate Vice President for Business and Finance
(269) 387-2365
Photo of Wendy Vander Meulen
Director of Logistical Services
(269) 387-8804