Top Safety Tips When Using Mobile Devices

From surfing the web to tweeting a photo to texting an update, mobile devices have become essential to our everyday lives. And while our phones and tablets have become a vessel for entertainment, it’s important to take precautions while using them. The Computing Services Department at the Haworth College of Business shared with us top safety tips for using mobile devices, helping to keep you—and your information—safe and sound. A mobile cell phone with a key and lock securing the screen

  • Limit your usage while connected to public Wi-Fi. Never bank or shop online while using the Wi-Fi at your local coffee shop. These kinds of transactions should be reserved for secure and private connections.
  • Avoid leaving your device unattended, but when you have to, rely on a strong and unique password to keep unwanted users out.
  • Don't automatically connect to Wi-Fi networks. Thieves often give their rogue hotspots generic names such as Coffee Shop, Linksys or AT&T Wireless. You want to be certain you are connecting to the router of the business.
  • Disable Bluetooth if you are not using it. It saves battery life and prevents unwelcome eavesdropping.
  • Encrypt your files and keep system software up to date.
  • Install device-tracking software that will allow you to find and optionally wipe your data if your device is stolen or misplaced.