Georgienne Kirsten

Photo of Georgienne KirstenGeorgienne Kirsten, B.B.A.’06—110% Engaged

By Jessica Sliver, communications Intern

Traveling to Hawaii to support the Jimmy Kimmel Ford integration shoot held at the Ford Ironman World Championships is just one of the most memorable professional experiences for Georgienne Kirsten, B.B.A.’06. “The product integration was strong, and the bit that aired will always make me smile with pride for my role in its development.” Working hard is how Kirsten got to where she is today, and working hard in college was no exception.

Interning first for Biggs│Gilmore, a digital agency providing offline and online marketing strategies, and then for J. Walter Thompson, a  global advertising and marketing agency, all while completing her degree in advertising and promotion, gave Kirsten the upper hand when landing her first professional job, working in account services at J. Walter Thompson.

After a few years focusing on a diversified client-base including White Castle restaurants and Great Lakes Crossing Outlets, Kirsten decided to make a change. “I got the itch to move exclusively into the automotive realm,” says Kirsten, who joined the brand content and alliances group at J. Walter Thompson to specialize in branded entertainment and experiential event programs for the Ford brand. In 2010, Kirsten transitioned to Jack Morton Worldwide to service GM’s experiential events, specifically the Cadillac V-series racing program. From there she decided to explore the client side of marketing and is now the senior marketing analyst for Panasonic Automotive Systems Company of America, an integrated supplier to the automotive industry in North America and globally. Kirsten is responsible for marketing and brand strategy for PASA’s Fender Premium Audio brand. On top of that, she manages PASA’s supported events and trade show activities as well as assists with corporate marketing, communications and public relations efforts. 

Kirsten’s academic experience in the college of business helped shape her outlook on success. “I learned that getting 110% engaged in the programs that ignite your passion is essential for success,” she says. Becoming highly involved in school, through the advertising program, AdClub, a national case study competition and two ad internships taught her to dive into her career the same way. For Kirsten, Dr. JoAnn Atkin, associate professor of marketing, was a big source of inspiration. “Dr. Atkin challenged me and truly energized my pursuit for academic and professional success.”

Kirsten sees a lack of creativity in the workplace as a big challenge in today’s business world. “Too often we are stuck in cubicles, without natural light, plugging away at a computer,” she says. “The infusion of creativity in the form of better designed work stations, meeting rooms and brainstorming areas would help lessen stress or boredom and may contribute to better problem-solving solutions and a more positive outlook on business overall,” says Kirsten.

Kirsten supports the college of business by donating annually and participating in various alumni programs such as the Alumni Ambassadors program, where alumni handwrite postcards to new students and explain what being a Bronco is all about.

Even with Kirsten’s career on the rise, she will never forget where it all started. “I have a lot of Bronco pride in me, and I’ll tell anyone who asks.”