Interviewing is an art. It is different than having a conversation with your friends, family or professors. During an interview, you must promote yourself — your skills, experiences and abilities that make you a good fit for the position. Therefore, it is important to practice your interview skills prior to an actual interview. 

Use the resources below to prepare for an interview. Attend Practice Interview Day, which occurs once each semester.  Western Michigan University business students can also schedule an appointment with a career development specialist to discuss interviewing or conduct a practice interview.

Interview resources

Before the interview

Big Interview — use this website to learn and practice your interview skills

Interview Preparation Worksheet — track information related to your interviews including company research

Company Research Guidelines — information on how to conduct company research in order to prepare for an interview and the internship or job search process

Interview Attire Guidelines for Women — information and examples of what to wear to an interview for women

Interview Attire Guidelines for Men — information and examples of what to wear to an interview for men

Personal Introduction Guidelines — information on how to professionally introduce yourself

Behavioral interviewing

Behavioral Interview Guidelines — learn more about behavioral interview questions and how to answer them

Behavioral Interview Preparation Worksheet — examples of behavioral interview questions that emphasize important business skills

During the interview

Questions to Ask in Interviews — information on how to prepare questions to ask during an interview and example questions

Negative Interview Questions — information on how to respond to negative interview questions, including examples

Illegal Interview Questions — information on illegal interview questions and how to recognize and respond to them

After the interview

Post Interview Guidelines — information on how and when to follow-up with an employer after an interview