Information for Employers

Benefits of hosting an extern

  • Build a pipeline to identify potential student candidates before your competitors.
  • Develop your employees' mentoring, coaching and leadership skills.
  • Brand the organization by introducing students to your company culture.
  • Showcase the daily activities, challenges and requirements of your profession.
  • Demonstrate how your profession aligns with a specific business major.
  • Participate in a unique program that gives Haworth College of Business students a competitive advantage.

How to become involved in the program

  • Host a student or students at your workplace by serving as an externship coordinator and/or professional mentor.
  • Recommend an alum or friend of the college who might be interested in participating in the program.
Having personally been in both places of exploration—undecided on a major and unsure of where to go within a major—I can say that participating in BEP is beneficial in both stages of discovery. I have no doubt in my mind that I have the Business Externship Program to thank for a lot of my professional development and confidence. The four internship offers I received—including my dream offer—are proof of the benefits that result from actively engaging in BEP and using the skills and confidence you gain to the best of your ability. I could not have asked for a better experience with the program!
—Taylor Dunn, Integrated Supply Management Major

Registration and planning

  • Employers register online; it is best to complete the registration steps all at once. Once registration is complete, employers will receive the externship planning guide by email.
  • Employer registration for the current year cycle will open in September.

Employer Registration

Once you have registered and receive the externship planning guide, we recommend you begin planning for your externship. The externship planning guide includes sample agendas, activities and contact information for employers willing to share their own experiences in planning a successful externship.

Program timeline

  • September: Employer registration opens.

  • November: Employer registration closes.
  • January:
    • Business Externship Program Showcase.
    • Go Live Day! Externship opportunities are available for viewing by students.
  • March:
    • Student applications due. 
    • Matching process.
    • Match Day! Students receive externship match(es).
    • Enrollment period. Students accept match(es), select workshop date and complete profile.
    • Employer notification day. Employers are notified of their match(es).
  • April: Externship date(s) must be scheduled.
  • May: Three-week externship "Hot Spot." 
  • September: Post-externship professional development workshops.

Externship timeframe

Most externships will take place during the "Hot Spot," the period immediately following the conclusion of spring semester at Western Michigan University, which is usually the first three weeks in May. If desired, professional mentors may select an alternate date.

Student application and selection process

  • Pre-business students in the Haworth College of Business are eligible to participate. Generally, students are rising sophomores and juniors when they participate in the program.
  • As part of the application process, students prepare a resume and application letter.

Matching students with companies

  • Matching is completed by career center professional staff.
  • Students and mentors are matched based on three criteria: interest areas, career pathways and externship sites of interest.
  • After students receive their match(es), they have a few days to enroll in the program. They may accept or decline an externship.
  • Students who enroll in the program complete an extern profile to help professional mentors get to know them.
  • The extern profile is sent to the professional mentor.
  • Professional mentors are asked to provide a profile for their student externs.

Questions about the Business Externship Program? Please contact Geralyn Heystek: Email Geralyn Heystek| (269) 387-2759