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Bethany Webb, B.B.A.’13—Endless Opportunities

After her first official tour of Western Michigan University, Bethany Webb, B.B.A.’13, knew WMU was the perfect college for her.  “I fell in love with the campus, the wide variety of programs available to study and the first year experience program really sold me,” says Webb.  Even though she did not know what she wanted to study right away, Western felt like home right away.

Webb first studied industrial engineering but had a change of heart and discovered that the integrated supply management major was the best match for her.  She was able to take advantage of the Business Externship Program through the college, which gives students the opportunity to explore a career of interest while being mentored by a WMU alum or business professional.  During her externship, she was able to visit the Kellogg Company, and it was there that she realized ISM was the right choice for her.

The college of business also opened up the opportunity for Webb to travel to Australia on a short-term study abroad trip. “Study abroad was the greatest experience I could have asked for. I learned so much about myself and differences between company cultures around the world,” says Webb.

WMU helped prepare Webb for her career inside and outside of the classroom. Her classes helped her get a solid background in business and helped prepare her for her future. Through the university, she joined Alpha Omicron Pi which helped her with her communication skills and learning to conduct herself in business meetings.

“I learned how to interview, write a good resume and cover letter, and how to be confident in myself through my experiences here at the Haworth College of Business,” says Webb.

The transition from high school to college was a big challenge for Webb. “I was very shy and scared for the future, but I learned that putting myself out there shouldn’t be scary; it is a chance to build yourself into a better person,” she says. “I am now confident in my future endeavors.”

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That confidence enabled her to become an active member of Alpha Omicron Pi. One of her greatest accomplishments at WMU was becoming the vice president of her chapter standards. Webb was in charge of making sure sorority members were following the bylaws and addressing the members who were not.

“I ended up exceeding my own expectations as a leader and am very proud of what became of that position,” says Webb.

Webb’s hard work and dedication paid off when she landed a position with Bayer Healthcare as a customer logistics representative. Attending the college’s integrated supply chain management career night secured Webb a job interview, and shortly after she received a job offer. As a customer logistics representative, Webb is the direct voice to customers in Bayer’s radiology department, working with hospitals to ensure they have the products they need.

Webb’s goals in her new position are to rotate through different customer logistics positions in various departments at Bayer to get an in-depth look at the different products the company has to offer.

“One day I hope to move into a supervisory role and maybe even higher in the company one day,” she says.

Webb’s future plans also include earning her master’s degree.

“I want to allow myself the time to decide exactly what field I would get my Master’s in; that will open up even more doors for my future career,” says Webb.

By Jessica Sliver, communications intern