Sal Mosca, B.B.A.’97—Focused on Leadership

Photo of MoscaBy Jessica Sliver, communications intern

As a busy general manager at Microsoft Corp., Sal Mosca, B.B.A.’97, is focused on transforming strategy and driving effective collaboration as well as team and leadership development.

Mosca counts meeting Bill Gates and leadership author Patrick Lencioni as milestones in his career. “Their unique ability to deliver lessons that are immediately applicable has really resonated with me and my teams over the years,” says Mosca. “One can never stop growing—they’ve shaped me into the leader I am today.”

Mosca’s first leadership position occurred six months into his new role as a program manager at Microsoft. “Although new to the culture at the company, leadership is transferable and the opportunity opened up for me to demonstrate my ability to lead. I enjoy inspiring teams to achieve performance levels beyond what most think are possible,” says Mosca. “I am a firm believer in the power of a team and that collectively that power can be unleashed to accomplish extraordinary results!”

While the learning curve was steep, being able to lead a team of full-time employees in the program management discipline led to a variety of different leadership roles for Mosca throughout the years.

Mosca firmly believes that his academic experience in the Haworth College of Business has helped to further his career. “My drive to never stop learning was ingrained in me during my time at Western Michigan University, and year after year, I realize the value of this lesson,” says Mosca. The broad exposure Mosca received during his years at WMU gave him a well-rounded perspective of the computer information systems curriculum and related fields and helped him to find his niche.

Not only has school prepared Mosca for the challenges he has met in the workforce, but his experiences are what have prepared him the most. After accepting a new role, Mosca faced a high-profile, customer-impacting situation that put significant revenue at risk for the company.

“It was the most challenging experience of my career,” says Mosca. The situation required a tremendous amount of perseverance, focus, leadership and collaboration. Experiences like this are what you make of them and can be the biggest drivers of your own growth.” Though challenging, these types of experiences have prepared Mosca for almost any circumstance. 

Mosca has quickly made a name for himself within Microsoft, and he wants future business students to be able to follow in his footsteps. “We need more students qualified in high-tech business to keep up with the pace of global innovation,” says Mosca. “Having the passion to solve tough challenges while being coachable are instrumental in career success.”