Faculty Advisory Board

The Western Michigan University sustainable brewing advisory board consists of leaders, scholars and innovators with an interest in sustainable brewing. In addition to advocating for the program, the board will advise and guide the University on future directions for the program.

  • Steve Bertman

    Steve Bertman—Chair of the Steering Commitee, Professor of Chemistry

  • James Cousins

    James Cousins—Member, Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences

  • John Geiser

    John Geiser—Member, Professor of Biological Sciences

  • Steve Kohler

    Steve Kohler—Member, Director of the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability

  • Sylvia Rossbach

    Sylvia Rossbach—Member, Professor of Biological Sciences

  • John Spitsbergen

    John Spitsbergen—Member, Chair of the Department of Biological Sciences

  • Andre Venter

    Andre Venter—Member, Professor of Chemistry