"As someone who has been around WMU for many years, I was pleasantly surprised at how many new pieces of information I gleaned from attending." —Jan Gabel-Goes

 "As employees of WMU, we are representing our brand wherever we go. This series has given me the confidence to be able to provide information to anyone who stops me, whether I am at a sporting event or Meijer." —Laura Thomas

 "I am much more aware of the skills and knowledge held by the people who work for WMU. It's no surprise that we've accomplished so much in our history." —Joe Vanderbos

 "These workshops are awesome!" —Bradley Horstman

 "I found it worth the time to attend these workshops as it gave me insight to different areas of WMU.  I would find myself in situations outside of WMU where I would be questioned about policies and procedures at Western. It was helpful to know different offices or connections I could refer these questions to.  In one workshop we were given some great history and facts about WMU and how it has evolved into the University it is today.  In another , we were informed about our branding and colors, our medallion and our W and how they all fit into the story of WMU.  I believe it was time well spent away from the office and meeting other faculty and staff on campus.  I would encourage everyone to make time to attend all of the workshops." —Vicky Crawford

 "The Behind the W workshops are phenomenal, particularly for newly hired individuals from outside the WMU community. The workshops provided me with a greater sense of belonging because I learned about many special nuances that make WMU a great university." —Dr. Lillian Brooks

"After 19 years at WMU, I learned so much as a result of attending the Behind the W sessions. The program is well organized and provided a nice reminder of the key messages that are important for new members of the WMU community." —Janice Quakenbush

"I was impressed with how well designed the Behind the W program is. High quality presenters from many WMU units underscored many aspects of why it is important to be 'WMU informed.' Also, you meet people from all across campus whose questions give you a good, broad perspective on others' issues." —Lou Ann Morgan