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Typical Timeline for ATYP enrollment

Invitation to consider possible ATYP enrollment: fall 6th or 7th grade

Sign up for Northwestern University's Midwest Talent Search: September to October 6th or 7th grade

Participation in above-grade-level testing: January or February of 6th or 7th grade

Scores received in the ATYP office: March or April of 6th or 7th grade

Invitation to qualifying students to attend information meeting: May of 6th or 7th grade

Typical Course Sequence with timing

Year I Year II Year III Year IV
Language Arts English 9/10 English 11/12 AP Language and Literature From Socrates to Smart Phones: Literature, Philosophy, Media
Mathematics Algebra I/II Geometry/Precalculus    
Typical grade 7th or 8th 8th or 9th 9th or 10th 10th, 11th or 12th