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About the Academically Talented Youth Program

The Academically Talented Youth Program (ATYP) at Western Michigan University’s Lee Honors College is designed for academically talented middle and high school students. 

The program

The language arts courses

The first two courses cover four years of high school language arts topics. The AP course culminates in students completing the Advanced Placement Language and Composition and AP Literature and Composition exams. Each AP exam passed with a high enough score usually allows the student to receive college credit.

The mathematics courses

Typically, the algebra courses are completed the first year, while the other two topics are finished in the second. An AP Computer Science course is also available.

Qualifying for ATYP

In the fall of each year, middle school counselors are asked to identify students in their schools who might qualify for more challenging learning opportunities. Typically, any student who scores at the 90th percentile level on a grade-level national assessment is invited to learn about Northwestern University’s Midwest Academic Talent Search (NUMATS). This is a national model that identifies students needing additional challenge by providing them with above-grade-level testing.

High-potential students are invited to participate in the Talent Search by taking the SAT or ACT. To assure that ATYP receives your scores you must send your scores to ATYP by noting our code in the additional score report section of the registration information for NUMATS (just before payment). The code for SAT is 1944, the code for the ACT is 6007.

ATYP timetables and deadlines

December: Deadline to register for NUMATS online
January, February or March: SAT or ACT Test 
February or April: Students receive test results from test company
Late April: Students receive information on a follow-up meeting from ATYP
September: ATYP classes begin

Qualifying scores for ATYP mathematics

SAT: no prior algebra: math > 520—combined (math + critical reading) > 960 
With one year algebra: math > 560—combined (math + critical reading) > 980
ACT: no prior algebra: Math > 19—composite > 20 
With one year algebra: Math > 21—composite > 21

Qualifying scores for ATYP language arts

SAT: Critical Reading or Writing > 520

ACT: English + Reading > 46 with neither below 22

If you did not have your SAT or ACT scores sent to the ATYP office when you registered for the test, please mail, email or fax us a copy of the scores. We will send letters to all the students at the end of April, if we have a copy of your scores, regardless of whether you qualify.

Informational meetings regarding ATYP, the qualifying tests, and the talent search model are held each fall. Talent Search participants who receive a qualifying score on the SAT or ACT are then invited to attend a more detailed session at WMU in May. For more information, please contact the ATYP staff at the Lee Honors College at (269) 387-3553 or .