Using Your Data

How do I track response rates?

At the beginning of the posted evaluation period, ICES Online will generate an e‐mail alerting you that the system is open to students to complete evaluations. ICES Online will also generate an e‐mail notice to each of your students explaining how to access the system and submit evaluations. Students, during the regular fall/spring schedule, have the last two weeks prior to exam week as well as exam week in which to submit evaluations. During the evaluation period, you will be unable to make changes to your evaluation forms.

You can, however, keep track of the number of students who have completed the evaluation by periodically accessing ICES Online during the evaluation period.


When will I receive my evaluation results?

Approximately 30 days after the end of the semester, an email will inform you that your individual and summary reports are available.

Who at WMU has access to my evaluation results?

Instructors have access to their detailed and aggregate summary reports as well as open-ended student comments. Department chairs and deans have access to aggregate reports only. Students do not have access to reports.

In what format will I receive my evaluation results?

HTML, with an option to print.

How many semesters of data will ICES Online store?

All data will remain in the system in perpetuity. However, student comments will be expunged 90 days after results are available.

How do I access my evaluation results?

To access the evaluation results, log onto GoWMU, and click the ICES Online link in your “My Work” section.

You will then see a list of your courses. Click on the course section to view the results. If you would like to view the evaluation results for a prior semester, click on the plus sign next to the semester to see a list of courses for that semester.


Once you have selected a course, a summary of the responses for the course will display. To view the responses to the open-ended questions, click on the plus sign next to each open-ended question. You may also view individual responses by clicking on the “Individual Results” link at the bottom of the screen.