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Sam Spiczka

Austin, Texas

Medium: Cor-ten Steel
Dimensions: 5'9" x 13" x 11'10"

Though utilizing contemporary methods and materials, my expression is not limited to our modern understanding of humanity. Technology is a means to elevate the individual, not a substitute for meaningful development. I attempt to reach the same gods and devils that have inspired awe and fear in the great people and eras of our history. Their experiences forced them to become as rich and creative as life itself. That is my goal as well. In my work, the industrial and the human are employed as tools towards a better understanding of life's creative potential.

I strive for a sculpture permeated by an aggressive humanity. My work explores the power and articulation of the human hand in a scale and nature made possible by industrial materials and processes. A hand reaching out with a single finger, striving and pulsating with life is not chiseled from stone but welded together out of steel. Space becomes an integral part of the sculpture, contributing to its dynamic quality. I join industrial craftsmanship with the expressive form of the human hand, elevating them both.

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