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Three Sculptures: Mute, Beckon, Shift

Eric Nelson

Middlebury, Vt.

Medium: Welded steel
Dimensions: 90" x 192" x 127"

To make sculpture, I begin with an understanding of form and process in nature. In Nature and in sculpture, I am interested n the contrast between order and chaos, vitality and decay and stability versus things, which are less fixed. With a quantity of material and some preliminary studies, I set up a situation in the studio whereby planning, improvisation and my reaction to the qualities of the material guide the development of the forms in a slow-paced process similar to modeling.

The apparent familiarity of these forms and their position in relation to the ground plane lead us to measure our experience and our bodies against them, with each object or grouping of objects providing a different emotional thrust or encounter. Through their enclosed volumes, upright stance, active gestures and size, I intend to engage the viewer in an experience, which is both comforting and confrontational.

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