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Skyscraper with Crutches

Ed Shay

Carbondale, Ill.

Medium: Cast Bronze
Dimensions: 18'6" x 9' x 8'

"Skyscraper With Crutches" was conceived, cast and fabricated during the first half of 2000. While it began with the simple desire to build a large cast bronze piece, it quickly evolved to be a whimsical and ironic comment on the passing of Modernism. For me, skyscrapers have always been symbolic of ModernismÑpurist in form, focused on function, and reflective of an urban need for space. By depicting an architectural icon (I used the Empire State Buildings as a template) in a primitive manner, I hope to suggest the temporal nature of all human endeavors.

On a personal note, I want the viewer to know that my father spent the last twenty-five years of his life on crutches before passing away this Spring. I'm sure his handicap played a significant role in the creation of this piece.

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