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Nicole Beck

Chicago, Ill.

Medium: Steel, Magnifying Lenses
Dimensions: 12' x 12' x 12'

My sculptures are mechanisms & contrivances that play with refractions in light, space & time. My work centers around a holistic approach to art & physics, and is an exploration in perception, growth and interconnectedness. Beck addresses both the regard for beauty and the laws of quantum physics, and gives form to well-crafted and quirky objects of poetic reflection. Abstracted apparatus and organic forms are juxtaposed as poetic metaphors for archetypes of the flow and balance of energy and life systems.

Most people will approach Quantaloop simply to look through the optical lenses, which is a great introduction to the piece & invites interaction. The central hole also acts as a framing device for the viewer and the landscape. The upward-tilting sun greets the southern sky and refers to archaic devices of astronomy. The tripod legs point earthward and connect earth to sky via engineered steel and are metaphors for energy and light.

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