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Luis Jimenez

Hondo, N.M.

Medium: Fiberglass, Acrylic Urethane
Dimensions: 8'12"

"It's a sculpture of my Blackjack, an Appaloosa stallion. It is also the 1/4 model for the 32' one I'm making for the Denver Airport".

Luis Jimenez was born in El Paso, Texas. The son of an illegal Mexican immigrant, he creates his art with the working class in mind, a population he feels is his primary audience. As a student the University of Texas, Austin in the early 1960's, the material he gravitated toward was fiberglass. The choice, he says, was "unavoidable," though the material was used only in commercial applications at the time. Using techniques previously used to make carnival figurines, racecar bodies, and airplane fuselages, he began making large-scale figurative pieces, which have focused on culturally relevant, politicized themes of the Southwestern, Mexican-American working class.

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