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Dark Stance

Shaun Cassidy

Rock Hill, S.C.

Medium: Painted Steel
Dimensions: 120" x 60" x 58"

"Dark Stance is a somewhat more serious work. This mysterious object is a conflation of a piano, pulpit, coffin, loudspeaker, and wardrobe. Yet, it makes no sound, not can it be opened or entered; its many possible functions have all been defeated. The artist claims that 'Dark Stance focuses on the negation of viewer expectationÉ[it is] an austere form that stands like a looming figure revealing nothing, throwing the viewer into a state of introspection.' The sculpture also projects an uneasy dread. With its creepy antique references, dark color, towering stance, and irrational outdoor placement, it seems like a discarded set piece from a horror movie, or a left-over image from a particularly ghoulish nightmare." By Nick Capasso, DeCordova Museum.

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