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Photography and Intermedia Blog

The Photography and Intermedia blog is a resource for students that enhances the experience in the classroom. Information is frequently posted throughout the school year including; on campus exhibitions and happenings, off campus exhibitions and happenings, contemporary artist features and other information relevant to the students in the Frostic School of Art. This information is placed on the blog in the form of links to artists' websites, art galleries and museums, theorists, art movements and other information such as lab hours and equipment checkout.


Photography and Video Exchange Blog

The goal of the Photography and Video Exchange blog is offer a virtual critique of photography and video from art programs other than their own.

The Photography and Video Exchange blog began as a collaboration with the students of Adriane Little and Tom Jones, Associate Professor of photography at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Since this initial exchange, several colleges and universities have participated in this exchange.

The schools that are currently participating in this exchange are: Beloit College, Boise State University, Cleveland State University, Florida State University, Marshall University, New Jersey City University, Rollins College, Sheridan / U of Toronto, University of Wisconsin, Madison, University at Buffalo, University of Arizona, University of Denver, West Virginia University, Western Michigan University and Youngstown State University.