Past Biological Anthropology Thesis Topics

The Department of Anthropology at Western Michigan University offers a sampling of past biological anthropology thesis topics.

Undergraduate honors theses

  • "Functional aspects of the Neanderthal pelvis in locomotion"
  • "Skeletal lesions in tuberculosis: an update and reappraisal"
  • "Stature estimation from footprints"

Graduate theses

  • "A histological approach to taphonomy: The freeze-thaw cycle and water immersion"
  • "A New Early Eocene Mammalian Fauna from the Great Divide Basin, Southwestern Wyoming: Vertebrate Paleontology, Paleoclimatology and Biostratigraphy"
  • "Age, status, and gender: mortality patterns and mortuary practices at Umm el-Jimal, Jordan"
  • "Building a predictive model for Paleoindian archaeological site location using Geographic Information Systems"
  • "Childhood health and nutrition: an exploration of enamel hypoplasia studies using the Milwaukee County Institutional Grounds cemetery"
  • "Geology and Biostratigraphy of the Freighter Gap region, Great Divide Basin, southwestern Wyoming"
  • "Interpreting diet by age, status, and gender, and establishing weaning patterns using trace element analysis on human remains from Umm el Jimal, Jordan"
  • "Reconsidering the auricular surface as an indicator of age at death"
  • "The accuracy of US age estimation standards when used to age US and Bosnian skeletal samples"