Past Archaeology Thesis Topics

The Department of Anthropology at Western Michigan University offers a sampling of past archaeology thesis topics.

Undergraduate honors theses

  • "Getting to the Point: The Dart-Arrow Transition in Plum Bayou Culture"
  • "Where the Past Meets the Present: A Comparative Analysis of the Process of Archaeological Site Registration in the United States of America and the United States of Mexico"

Graduate theses

  • "A Geophysical Survey Of Fort St. Joseph"
  • "An Intensive Surface collection and Intrasite Spartial analysis of the Archaeological Materials from the Coy Mound Site (3LN20), Central Arkansas"
  • "Class and Gender in Southwestern Michigan: Interpreting Historical Landscapes"
  • "Crafting Culture at Fort St. Joseph: An Archaeological Investigation of Labor Organization on the Colonial Frontier"
  • "Eating Ethnicity: Examining 18th Century French Colonial Identity Through Selective Consumption of Animal Resources in the North American Interior"
  • "Exploring the Social Dimensions of Grog-Temper Use at the Ink Bayou Site (3PU252): A Plum Bayou Culture Site in Central Arkansas"
  • "Of Agrarian Landscapes and Capitalist Transitions: Historical Archaeology and the Political Economy of a Nineteenth-Century Farmstead"
  • "The Urban Landscape of Health, Hygiene, and Social control: The Development of Urban Services in Battle Creek, Michigan"