The Alpha Program is designed to guide first-year students in developing skills, behaviors and attitudes that leads to college success. The Office of Admissions admits students to the 

Alpha Program who are able to thrive with the opportunity and support that the program provides. Upon enrolling at Western, first-year Alpha students become part of a community of fellow Alpha students, upper class Alpha student mentors and supportive faculty and staff.

Program Goals and objectives

Three intertwining arrows that incorporate the following words: confidence, connection and community.

The Alpha program goal is to help conditional admitted students develop social and academic skills, behaviors and attitudes that lead to college success during their first year.

To accomplish the aforementioned goal, the Alpha program focuses on the following objectives:

  • Introduce students to academic and social resources on campus 
  • Help students navigate WMU academic environment.  
  • Help students structure their pathway to degree completion
  • Help students develop a healthy social and academic identity
  • Assist students in cultivating a sense of belonging at WMU
  • Assist students in cultivating a collegiate mindset

Our Mission          

The mission of the Alpha Program is to help first-year Alpha students develop skills, behaviors and attitudes that lead to college success in their first year of college. We provide services to assist our students in meeting academic challenges and experiencing personal growth as they make the transition from high school to college.