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Undergraduate Program in Africana Studies


The minor consists of 18 hours in core requirements and electives.

1. Required Course (3 hrs)

Class Title Hours
AFS 2000 Introduction and Foundations to Africana Studies 3

2. Required Content Courses (6 hrs) - Choose one course in each content area

Class Title Hours
Black Americana Studies content area
AFS 3000 Black Experience: From the African Beginnings to 1865 3
AFS 3010 Black Experience: From 1866 to the Present 3
African Studies content area
AFS/HIST 3880 Introduction to African Civilization 3

3. Electives (remaining courses sufficient to 9 hrs)

Other elective courses focusing on the African American and/or African experience must be approved by the Africana Studies advisor from among courses offered at WMU by the Africana Studies faculty or appropriate courses in other departments.