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About Africana Studies

Africana Studies is the study, research, interpretation, and the dissemination of knowledge concerning African American, African, and Caribbean affairs and cultures. Using methodologies from the humanities, fine arts, and social sciences, Africana Studies examines the structure, organization, problems, and perspectives of Blacks in America and the African Diaspora. The academic major provides a meaningful liberal arts training for students from any racial, ethnic, or cultural background.

WMU’s Mission states: “. . .the institution should be a place for the creation of knowledge, the analysis of and debate of important issues, as well as the exploration of new ways to address critical issues confronting all human life as our world/globe shrinks and our population expands.” Africana Studies prepares students to think critically, to express themselves creatively, to respect cultural diversity, and to make independent contributions to the intellectual, cultural, and spiritual growth of the world community.

Africana Studies is first and foremost concerned with quality instruction that leads to a better understanding of the historical and contemporary dynamics of the African world. The Program exists:

  • to provide an excellent university education while challenging and stimulating students to contribute to the development of their communities’ cultural, aesthetic, and economic environments;
  • to generate new knowledge and research opportunities within the discipline of Africana Studies;
  • to serve the university’s external community with programming that contributes to life long education.