When to Apply

We strongly recommend that you apply by the time you begin your last semester/quarter at your present college or university. Do not wait until you have completed your last class. You will find that the earlier you are admitted, the greater the availability of classes. Having an updated transcript sent after the completion of each semester/quarter may also allow you a better (earlier) opportunity to register for classes. The chart below can be used as a guide on when to submit your application.

Entering semesterRecommended to apply byRegistration begins
Fall Early January Mid-March
Spring September Mid-October
Summer I December Early February
Summer II December Early February

Some programs have a separate admissions process and you may need to apply earlier—see the catalog for more information.

How to apply

Applications for admission are available from your college counseling office or WMU's Office of Admissions. Students can also apply online. When you apply, request every college you have attended to mail an official transcript of all work completed to WMU's Office of Admissions.