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Google Drive Security Update on July 26
Posted by Adam Newsted on July 22, 2021

On July 26, 2021, Google will send direct email notifications to WMU Google users who own or manage files impacted by a security update that will change links (URLs) for files shared in 2017 and prior. The email will provide instructions on steps to take and will include a link to view a list of impacted files you own or manage in Google Drive (My Drive/Shared Drive). Individuals may be impacted when trying to view these files on websites (public or internal) or posted elsewhere if the instructions are not followed. You will not receive an email if you are not impacted.

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Switch from Google Hangouts to Google Chat before March 22
Posted by Gary Barton on March 1, 2022

Google Hangouts will stop working on March 22. Google Chat will replace Google Hangouts. Google Chat is available now, allowing you to continue any previous Hangouts conversations.

When accessing classic Hangouts before March 22, you will be notified to start using Google Chat. Switch now to avoid any disruptions. Your classic Hangouts chat history after June 2020 is already available in Chat.

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