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Elearning LoginResolved
Posted by Tyler Payne on July 22, 2016
Start: Jul 22 8:00am
 End:  Jul 22 11:23am

We are experiencing issues logging in directly at We recommend logging in to Elearning via GoWMU until the problem is resolved. 

Logins to Elearning are now authenticated through the Central Authentication Services
Posted by Tony Hendrix on September 1, 2016

Logins to are now authenticated through the University's Central Authentication Service. Due to this change, it is always important to close your browser completely after using and logging out of Elearning. Otherwise, there is the potential for others to re-access your Elearning area without a login. This is particularly important if you are in a public lab or in a shared workspace environment.

Elearning Grades
Posted by Tyler Payne on September 19, 2016

Midterm grading is open and instructors are encouraged to submit a first work grade by Monday, September 26 and a midterm grade by Monday, October 24. If instructors experience any difficulty submitting grades, especially if they receive transition time-outs or other system error messages, please report them immediately to the OIT Help Desk.

Elearning File Upload IssuesResolved
Posted by Dylan Ledbetter on September 27, 2016
Start: Sep 27 6:45pm
 End:  Sep 28 7:51am

We are currently experiencing issues with uploading files to Elearning. Administrators have been notified and are working to resolve the problem. Questions may be directed to the Help Desk at (269) 387-4357.

Posted by Tyler Payne on October 7, 2016
Start: Oct 7 4:05pm
 End:  Oct 7 4:23pm

We are experiencing issues accessing Elearning. Technicians are investigating the issue.