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Kendall Center Network IssuesResolved
Posted by Tyler Payne on August 4, 2015
Start: Aug 4 8:00am
 End:  Aug 4 12:50pm

The Kendall Center in Battle Creek is experiencing network and VOIP phone issues. Technicians are working to correct the issue as soon as possible.

Lee Honors College Network OutageResolved
Posted by OIT Help Desk on August 13, 2015
Start: Aug 13 9:50am
 End:  Aug 13 11:56am

We are currently experiencing a network outage in Lee Honors College. Technicians are working to resolve this issue.

Cisco Call CenterResolved
Posted by Melissa Bininger on September 8, 2015
Start: Sep 8 10:55am
 End:  Sep 8 12:07pm

All of the Cisco Call centers on campus are experiencing issues when trying to receive telephone calls. Our technicians are working on this issue.

Phone conferencing issueResolved
Posted by OIT Help Desk on September 11, 2015
Start: Sep 11 1:00pm
 End:  Sep 11 3:47pm

There is currently an issue preventing conference calls from being made to non campus numbers. Conference calls are still working normally between on campus numbers.
Technicians are working to correct this.

Waldo Library Network ConnectivityResolved
Posted by OIT Help Desk on September 28, 2015
Start: Sep 28 9:15am
 End:  Sep 28 10:23am

Some users may potentially experience intermittent network connectivity in Waldo Library while other issues are being addressed. Technicians are currently working on these issues.