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GoWMU login issues & missing Faculty/Staff tabResolved
Posted by OIT Help Desk on September 27, 2015
Start: Sep 27 5:00pm
 End:  Sep 29 10:30am

***Update 9/28/2015 9:30am***
Some users may be prompted for a password by \"Ellucian University\" when clicking on links within GoWMU. This is a legitimate site, and they will need to enter their Bronco NetID password to proceed. They will need to do this the first time they click on a link within GoWMU

Due to the recent GoWMU upgrade, some users may be missing the Faculty/Staff tab in GoWMU. Technicians are aware of the issue and are working to resolve it. 

Some users may receive an error message \\\"The requested resource was not found\\\" when trying to log in to GoWMU. If you see this message, please clear your browser\\\'s cache. Instructions can be found here:

When clicking some links within GoWMU, you may see a message that says \\\"Unable to Access External System. For security reasons, you are required to re-enter your Luminis password to access external system.\\\" If you see this message, please enter your Bronco NetID password. You will only need to do this once.

If you have any questions, please contact the Help Desk at (269)387-4357.

GoWMU Now Uses CAS Authentication
Posted by Tyler Payne on September 30, 2015

Please note one of the changes that the GoWMU upgrade of Sept. 26 did was move the login to the University's Central Authentication Service, CAS. Always be sure to log out of both GoWMU and the Central Authentication Service when you have finished conducting your business in GoWMU. Failure to do so could allow others using the same machine you used to gain access to GoWMU under your credentials and make changes in your account. After you logout of GoWMU, you will see a second screen pop up that advises you to, and also provides a link to, logout of CAS. Do so!

More info here:

GoWMU single sign on issueResolved
Posted by OIT Help Desk on September 30, 2015
Start: Sep 30 10:15am
 End:  Sep 30 10:34am

We are experiencing an issue affecting single sign on inside of GoWMU.
Elearning can be reached directly at and email can be reached at

Technicians are working to correct it as soon as possible.

GoWMU Compatibility with Internet Explorer
Posted by Tyler Payne on October 13, 2015

As a result of the September 26th upgrade, GoWMU is now incompatible with Internet Explorer's compatibility view. Individuals attempting to access GoWMU through Internet Explorer will need to disable compatibility view to correct the issue. The GoWMU administration team is aware of the issue and has plans to research a potential fix. Some Western systems still require compatibility view to be enabled. Please consult with your LAN Manager on whether you should disable compatibility view or use another web browser to access GoWMU. 

GoWMU Server BusyResolved
Posted by Melissa Bininger on October 21, 2015
Start: Oct 21 11:45am
 End:  Oct 21 5:00pm

We are currently experiencing issues with GoWMU. Users may receive a message that the server is busy or unavailable. Technicians are working to resolve these issues. Users may be able to clear their cache and cookies in order to successfully access the system (instructions available at ).

Services within GoWMU are still available at their direct links, Elearning and Webmail  are listed below:
Webmail Plus: