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Intermittent Network Connectivity/SlowdownResolved
Posted by OIT Help Desk on October 7, 2014
Start: Oct 7 11:15am
 End:  Oct 7 11:27am

WMU is currently experiencing intermittent network slowdowns that are affecting a variety of campus internet/network services. Technicians are working to resolve the issue. Please direct any questions to the Help Desk at (269) 387-4357 option 1.

Richmond Center Network IssueResolved
Posted by OIT Help Desk on December 15, 2014
Start: Dec 15 1:30pm
 End:  Dec 15 1:49pm

The Richmond Center is experiencing some network issues. Technicians are working to correct the issue as soon as possible.

CEAS Campus Network ConnectivityResolved
Posted by Melissa Bininger on December 19, 2014
Start: Dec 19 8:30am
 End:  Dec 19 5:03pm

Update:  Our technicians are making progress on the networking issues. There is still more work to do, and we will notify you when there is a resolution.

We have received reports of VoIP phones going offline temporarily due to these network issues. 

We are currently experiencing networking issues at the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences Campus. Technicians are aware of the issue and are working to resolve it. 

Network IssuesResolved
Posted by Tyler Payne on January 6, 2015
Start: Jan 6 8:50am
 End:  Jan 6 9:14am

We are currently experiencing issues accessing off campus network resources. Technicians are aware of the issue and are currently working to resolve it.

Intermittent Connectivity* Update*Resolved
Posted by Dylan Ledbetter on January 14, 2015
Start: Jan 14 11:30am
 End:  Jan 15 4:25pm

CHHS second and third floor connectivity issues have been resolved. Our technicians will be working on the fourth floor next.

Issues in Spindler and Garneau Hall have been resolved. Technicians will resume work on connectivity issues in Zimmerman and the College of Health and Human Services tomorrow. We have also determined that connectivity issues in Faunce are wireless only. 

We are also experiencing issues in Faunce.

Our technicians have resolved a majority of the connectivity issues on campus. We are still experiencing issues at College of Health and Human services, Zimmerman, Garneau and Spindler. 

Certain services may be unavailable due to a campus wide power outage. Technicians are currently working to recover access issues caused by this outage.