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Prepare for in-person work with the campus resource guide for employees
Posted by Gary Barton on August 23, 2021

Faculty and staff preparing to return to campus to do in-person work should review the Return to Campus Resource Guide. The guide highlights several things you can do between now and your first day back working in-person on campus to ensure you have a productive first day.

Online Appointment Tool for COVID-19 Mandatory Testing Currently UnavailableResolved
Posted by Anson Richardson on September 9, 2021
Start: Sep 9 9:45am
 End:  Sep 9 12:46pm

The online appointment tool for COVID-19 mandatory testing is not available now and stating the location is currently closed, which is in error. If you are required to complete mandatory COVID-19 testing, please come to Fetzer Center without waiting for this site to become available again. We anticipate the issue being resolved later today and will update you once it is resolved.