Windows 7 Office applications
Posted by Connor Johnson on May 8, 2019

Windows 7 users may be unable to launch apps, such as Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. More info: When users launch the desktop app, the user may see the template page, and then the app closes. While we work to deploy the long-term solution for this issue, affected users may work around the problem by completely exiting and reopening the Office app. Additionally, users may avoid further impact by opening the files from their saved location, rather than through the specific Office app. Current status: We’ve disabled the feature update responsible for the app crashes and confirmed that this has mitigated impact for most affected users. Additionally, we’ve completed validation of the long-term fix and are preparing to deploy it to the affected environment within the next 24 hours. Scope of impact: This issue affects any enterprise user attempting to launch Office apps on Windows 7. Preliminary root cause: A code regression was introduced through a feature update within the March 2019 Office update, which is impacting access to Office apps on Windows 7.