Media Services Discontinued
Posted by Gary Barton on October 20, 2020

Due to staff reductions, the Office of Information Technology (OIT) Media Services team has been discontinued. Media Services provided video production, live streaming, motion capture, 3D animation, and other multimedia services. Support for MediaSite is still being provided and has been re-positioned to WMUx. Please visit Help Hub to learn about other multimedia technology tools that are available to students, faculty, and staff.

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Employees, activate 2FA to protect your account
Posted by Gary Barton on October 19, 2020

Two-factor authentication (2FA) has become part of daily life. 2FA protects your bank accounts, personal email accounts, social media accounts, and most of your login based online entertainment and services.

While 2FA is currently not required for all employees at WMU we encourage you to opt-in and activate 2FA to help protect your campus accounts and information.

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Adobe Flash Player end-of-life Dec. 31, 2020
Posted by Gary Barton on October 13, 2020

Adobe will stop distributing and updating Flash Player after Dec. 31, 2020. Visit for additional information.

The plan for campus systems that are affected by the Adobe Flash end-of-life (EOL) and the schedule to address those will be communicated shortly. Please, direct questions to the Help Desk at (269) 387-4357.

Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) enabled Friday, Oct. 16
Posted by Gary Barton on October 12, 2020

Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) will be enabled for OneDrive, Sharepoint, and Microsoft Teams on Friday, Oct. 16.

What does that mean for you? An extra layer of protection for files uploaded and downloaded from these applications. Users shouldn't notice any difference in using these applications. ATP helps detect and block existing files that are identified as malicious in team sites and document libraries

What if you have files identified as malicious? ATP will block the file and mark it with an X in a red shield. The file will still be listed in the document library and in web, mobile, or desktop applications. Users can't open, copy, move, or share the file. But they can delete the blocked file.

Read more about ATP and what to expect when it's enabled.

Direct questions or concerns to the Technology Help Desk at (269) 387-4357

The browser trial of Visio has ended
Posted by Gary Barton on September 30, 2020

The ability to edit or create Visio documents with Office 365 in a browser is no longer available. The trial version of Visio we had access to has expired. You can still view and share diagrams at

See the Microsoft support article, Why can't I see the Edit in Browser command in Visio for the web? for additional information.

Please contact your departmental IT staff or LAN Manager for additional information on purchasing a license for Visio.

Please disregard this messaging if you have a current license for Visio.