New WMU System Status Page
Posted by Gary Barton on March 16, 2022

System incidents and scheduled maintenance windows will be communicated through the new WMU System Status page and will no longer be communicated through the Help Desk blog.

Visit the WMU System Status page at

Direct questions to the Help Desk at (269) 387-4357.

LinkedIn Integration coming to Teams
Posted by Dylan Ledbetter on March 11, 2022

The new LinkedIn tab in Microsoft Teams will be appearing at the top of any one-on-one chat alongside the existing tabs for Chat, Files, and Activity. Microsoft begins the rollout of this LinkedIn integration in mid-March and is expected to be complete by early April.

New phishing attack: Fraudulent Payroll emails targeting WMU addresses
Posted by Dylan Ledbetter on March 8, 2022

Please be aware that Western Michigan University is currently being targeted by a phishing campaign which may result in you receiving a fraudulent message. Phishing is the fraudulent practice of sending emails to make individuals reveal personal information.

These messages may appear to come from a legitimate source and contain a malicious link regarding a "Payroll Payment Schedule". These messages are not legitimate. Taking any action on messages of this nature may put your Western Michigan University account, as well as your personal and financial information at risk.

What if I've already divulged my personal information?
If you have already clicked the link and divulged your password, change your password as soon as possible and contact the Technology Help Desk at (269) 387-4357 for assistance with ensuring your account is secure.

Visit to learn more about phishing.

Switch from Google Hangouts to Google Chat before March 22
Posted by Gary Barton on March 1, 2022

Google Hangouts will stop working on March 22. Google Chat will replace Google Hangouts. Google Chat is available now, allowing you to continue any previous Hangouts conversations.

When accessing classic Hangouts before March 22, you will be notified to start using Google Chat. Switch now to avoid any disruptions. Your classic Hangouts chat history after June 2020 is already available in Chat.

Learn more about the switch to Google Chat

Google Chat training and help

The Office of Information Technology identifies emails as external to WMU
Posted by Gary Barton on February 14, 2022

As part of a larger project to improve the overall security of our systems, users, and data, the Office of Information Technology will identify emails from senders outside of WMU as external. External does not imply malicious emails.

How does this affect you?
When this change goes into effect, the body of email received from email domains outside of will have the following appended to it, "Attention: This email is from outside Western Michigan University. Use caution when opening links and attachments."

Is your email being marked as external?
If you are a department or staff member who uses a third-party email platform like Mailchimp, Constant Contact, or Salesforce Marketing Cloud, please reach out to OIT via a Service Hub work order.

Reach out to OIT about the External Sender Notifications