Additional Scholarship Offerings

In lieu of performance awards

  • 2 Leadership scholarships—$2,500 annual
  • 2 Competitive Scholarships—$12,000 annual

Leadership and competitive scholarships requirements and application:

  1. Leadership scholarship open to Majors and Minors meeting a GPA of 2.5 or higher.
  2. Competitive scholarship open to Majors and Minors meeting a GPA of 3.0 or higher.
  3. A student will not be awarded both a Leadership and Competitive scholarship at the same time.
  4. Leadership and competitive scholarship awards will count towards the maximum total of nine semester awards.
  5. Must satisfy all eligibility and activity requirements with the exception of being a declared paper engineering major.
  6. To apply, complete the PTF scholarship application and submit a 1–3 page essay indicating why you should be chosen to by the PTF scholarship application deadline.
  7. Phone and/or in-person interview may also be required as determined by the Recruitment and Scholarship Committee.

    Essay will be judged using the following metrics:

    • 40%: Over all presentation of essay (grammar and writing skills).
    • 20%: Evidence presented of engagement with Paper Industry or Paper Engineering Program.
    • 20%: Evidence presented of ability to provide innovation or contribution to industry at one or more internships/co-ops.
    • 20%: Evidence presented of actions taken to provide leadership or mentoring to underclassmen/women.

In addition to performance awards

  • Co-op Enrollment Award—$400 for PAPR3100.
  • Senior Honors Award, last year if GPA exceeds 3.5—$500 per semester.
  • Senior Co-op Award, upon first semester of eligibility—$500 annual .
  • Reach Across/Reach Back—$200 per referral.

Co-op Enrollment Award, Senior Honors, Senior Co-op, and Reach Across/Reach Back Awards:

  1. Co-op Enrollment Award will occur when a student’s semester enrollment is for PAPR3100 only.
  2. Separate application not required for Senior Honors and Senior Co-op Awards; there is automatic consideration when application is made for Performance-Based Awards.
  3. Reach Across/Reach Back referral notification must be sent to by the start of the applicable semester.