Navigation Standards

Consistency is critical to ease of navigation. Global navigation and tools will be identical on every page. Left-column site navigation will vary depending upon the office or department represented by the section, but common terms, organization and architecture will be used.

Not every site will have a link to Computer Labs, but those that do should all use the same term, "Computer Labs." The link "Directory" should go to the same kind of information on every site where it is used.

Global navigation

Global navigation is part of the universal header and includes topic links (About WMU, Academics, Admissions, Athletics, Student Life, News Arts Events), constituent links (Alumni Donors Parents) and tactical links and tools (WMU home, WMU A-Z, Find People, GoWMU Login, Contact WMU, Search WMU). The global navigation should not be modified or customized in any way and cannot be customized in WMU CMS.

Section navigation

The left-hand column of standard WMU web pages is used for section navigation. It should contain no more than 12 text links and no images, and all of the links should go to pages within that section. The following applies to all sections representing offices and departments of the University.

Two links—Section Name, which is the home page for the section, and Contact Us—are required. Section Name (home) is always the top (first) link in the column. Contact Us is always last (the bottom link). Directory, if used, should be next to last, above Contact Us. All other links should be listed alphabetically below Section Name.

Required links for an academic department

Section Name (home page)
Contact Us

Visit for an up to date list of standard links.

Revised April 18, 2012