Web Global Navigation (Page Header)

Example of the WMU website global navigation

The common header with global navigation is required on every page, except those specifically exempt by the Web Governance Council.

Global navigation affords visitors one-click access to the WMU home page and to popular pages and tools, regardless of where they enter the site.

The global navigation also includes links to login to GoWMU, Find People, and the two most popular ways to search any website—a search engine and an A-to-Z list.

In the WMU content management system, the header and global navigation can only be modified centrally by the CMS manager.

In the Dreamweaver template, in use during the transition to WMU CMS, the header and global navigation are provided as a server-side-includes file and should not be duplicated or mimicked by individual website managers.

Why is this important?

Development and use of the common header with global navigation is the greatest single improvement to the University's web presence. It promotes the WMU brand consistently on every page and invites visitors to learn more about the University by providing easy access to every web section at WMU—every college, department, office, campus service and organization with a section is no more than two clicks away from any page that has the common header.