Web Page Content (Column 2)

Image with red arrow pointing to column 2 page content.The second column is used for page content. It may include images, slide shows and links to pages outside the section.

At the top of the column is the H1 title of the page. On the home page of the section, the H1 head is the name of the section.

  • There should be only one H1 head per page.
  • The H1 head is title case (capitalize all key words).
  • All other heads are news case (capitalize first word and proper nouns).
  • All bold text subheads are news case (capitalize first word and proper nouns).
  • Heads and subheads in tables are news case (capitalize first word and proper nouns).

All text and heads should conform to WMU writing style, including but not limited to, dates, times, places, abbreviations and capitalization, and formatting for email addresses, postal addresses and phone numbers.

  • Do not use ampersands (&).
  • Do not use all caps.
  • Do not use italic type.
  • Do not use underlined type.
  • Use bold type sparingly.

Include Western Michigan University on every page

On the Web, the full name of the University should appear in the body text of as many pages as practical. Acceptable abbreviations may be used, but only after the full name, Western Michigan University, has been introduced on first or second reference.

Preferred abbreviation: WMU is the most specific to Western Michigan University and also the shortest and most versatile.

Acceptable abbreviations: WMU, the University, Western, and Western Michigan.

Do not use the nickname Bronco(s) as a general reference to the University in contexts such as Bronco course offerings or Bronco commencement. Do not refer to WMU as "the brown and gold."

The full name of your unit or department should also appear in the body text of as many pages as practical. For example, if you are working in the Haworth College of Business section, you should use "Haworth College of Business" on first reference, and "business college" or "the college (not capitalized)" on subsequent references. Never use HCOB.

Do not use tabs

Tabs are not an option, because there is no practical way to render them in a responsive design for smartphones.

Limit use of tables

Tables are problematic on smartphones and other small displays, even with the responsive design of WMU's content management system. Try presenting the information as text, bullet lists or numbered lists. Use tables only when there is no other practical way to present the information. Heads and subheads in tables are written in news case (capitalize only the first word and proper nouns).

Use standard size images

To the greatest extent possible work to the standard sizes and aspect ratios.

Specify custom URLs for every page (in WMU CMS)

Generally speaking, you will want to enter a custom URL for every page in the site, except the home page—even if the system-generated URL is the same as what you would assign in the Unique URL field. This is to protect you in the event that the page title is changed. If, at any point in the future, the page title is changed, and you haven't assigned a custom URL, your URL will automatically change to reflect the new page title, and you'll be left with 404s throughout your section.