Electronic Communication Change Control

Change control protocol

WMU's Electronic Communication Change Control Committee is responsible for establishing the protocol for requesting and prioritizing the resources necessary to maintain existing Web-based services and to implement new services that enhance the electronic communications spectrum of email, portal, and mobile and web applications. Deriving its authority from the Web Governance Council, the committee works to ensure:

  • Appropriately and equitably allocated resources.
  • Opportunities for cost reduction.
  • Leading-edge capabilities, media and technologies.

The approval of the change control team must be received for the implementation of new technologies and services when resources beyond those of the sponsoring unit would be needed at any time during the development, application or maintenance. This includes programming time from information technology as well as development or consulting time from other areas of the University. Examples of such projects include, but are not limited to:

  • Provision of Web-based products and services.
  • Mass communication via voice and text messaging.
  • Mobile and tablet applications.
  • Enhancements to established electronic communication tools such as GoWMU, Elearning or WMU CMS.

Projects that can be completed within a certain unit or department without the need for additional University resources, and which will not affect Universitywide systems or processes, do not need to go through the Electronic Communication Change Control Committee. Such projects may still need the approval of information technology or other WMU offices.

General maintenance requests should be directed to the Office of Information Technology, not the change control committee.

Change requests

Change requests must be submitted to university-relations@wmich.edu. Once a request is received, the committee will evaluate the request, assigning it a priority and defining resource requirements for the implementation of the change. The team also will consider how the change will impact the total production environment, and distribute the change request to all functional and technical leaders for consideration. The individual submitting the change request may be asked to present to the team before a decision is made.

The approval process for change requests may take anywhere from a few days to weeks. Questions may be directed to the committee at university-relations@wmich.edu.