Shared Values

The following statements reflect shared values for the web at Western Michigan University as defined by University leadership, and through campus forums, focus and user groups.

1. Effective web communication is based on the needs of the audience.

2. Effective websites for universities are functional, transactional and interactive.

3. The University's most important web audiences are prospective students and their families, current students and their families, alumni and donors.

4. Web projects will be prioritized based on the needs of the University's most important web audiences, and institutional resources will be allocated accordingly.

5. Planning for official web pages (those representing offices, departments and programs of the University) will implicitly or explicitly prioritize audiences and include a statement of purpose, and content for all pages will be determined accordingly.

6. The measure of a well-designed website is the ability to find desired information quickly.

7. Visitors may enter WMU's website on any page, and must be able to navigate to other pages from wherever they enter the site.

8. Navigation and information architecture for the WMU website will be based on function and process as it relates to the audience, and not on the University's organizational chart or internal processes.

9. Consistency is the most important factor in ease of navigation and effective communication.

10. WMU web pages will meet or exceed standards and best practices for accessibility across the widest possible variety of platforms, browsers and devices.

11. WMU web pages will meet or exceed standards and best practices for system security, secure transactions, and protection of personal data and identity.

12. WMU web pages will conform to broader University standards for communication and branding, and standards in all other areas as defined by established policies or practices.

Approved July 30, 2009
Web Governance Council

Endorsed August 2009
Web Executive Committee