Wallace Foundation Grant

Wallace Foundation Grant

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This project is not about fixing anyone. The role of the sixteen participating principals and selected principal mentors is to use their experiences and expertise to assist the implementation team and project consultants in examining the various data streams within K-12 schools and collaboratively developing a framework of protocols, processes and systemic responses that make student data meaning, useful and powerful tools to improve student achievement. Principals are bombarded with data and this data overflow results in frustration, fragmentation of effort, dissipation of time and the inability to connect data with student achievement. We might think of this project as bringing order out of chaos through a systematic use of the data that actually makes a difference in student learning.

2008 National Association of School Boards Conference- Board Policy to Classroom Practiceppt

Data-Informed Decision-Making Guidebook for School ImprovementPDF
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Data-Informed Decision-Making on High-Impact Strategies for School Principalspdf
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MDE School Improvement Conference November 26, 2007: WMU Data Presentation ppt

The Utilization of Data-Informed Instructional Decision-Making: Voices from 16 Urban School Principals ppt- (Presented at the 35th Annual Conference of the National Alliance of Black School Educators. Nashville, Tennessee - November 17,  2007)

Wallace Grant: Looking Back and Forward ppt

What Principals Know and Are Able to Do in the Area of Data-Driven Decision Making

Wallace Principals Survey: December 2005 ppt


Wallace Foundation Grant
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