Clear space

The area that must separate the WMU promotional mark from surrounding type or graphic elements.

Commercial use

A business undertaking with the intent to make a profit. 


The legal right granted to an author, publisher, or distributor to exclusive publication, production, sale or distribution of an artistic work.


Encapsulated PostScript language file, a file format used to transfer PostScript data within compatible applications. Use this format to reproduce the promotional mark in the highest quality. An eps is vector art.


A type face or a collection of all characters comprising the entire character set of a typeface. 

Four-color process or cmyk 

The method of separating color and/or photos with filters into the four process colors: cyan, magenta, yellow and black. 


Graphics Interchange Format, a compressed bitmap format created by CompuServe that serves as the basic image format for online graphics. 


An image printed in black and in one or more shades of gray. 


Unauthorized use of a trademark or service mark that belongs to another; or use of a trademark or service mark so similar to that of another as to cause the likelihood of confusion in the minds of the public as to the source (affiliation or sponsorship) of the product or service. 


A compressed bitmap format, developed by the Joint Photographic Experts Group of the International Standards Organization. JPEG is generally used to create files of photographic images. 


The Western Michigan University name carefully rendered as vector art.


When the promotional mark is combined with the nameplate.  

Visual identity guidelines

The set of formal guidelines describing WMU’s names, symbols, logos, trademarks, service marks, designs, seals, or any combination of these marks, which correlate to the Western Michigan University licensing program.

Vector art

Line art created in Adobe Illustrator. This art can be enlarged with no loss of quality.