WMU benefits employees

For Western Michigan University employees, their dependents and WMU retirees covered by the University's PPO group insurance plan, using the WMU vision clinic can provide significant cost savings. Here are some of the vision benefits:

  • WMU benefits allow for a complete eye exam (general or low vision) every two years.
  • $0 copay for eye exams.
  • You will be granted a $700 allowance per covered individual to be used for lenses, frames, contact lenses or contact lens portion of the exam (or a combination of any) in a period of 24 consecutive months.
  • Choose from a wide variety of attractive frames and sunglasses.

Note: If a second pair of glasses is ordered at the time of your appointment, the out-of-pocket cost for lenses only is 50 percent off.


Medicare covers 80 percent of a low vision exam, with the recipient responsible for the remaining 20 percent.