Evaluation with student and child

Autism Evaluation Center Accepting New Referrals

The Western Evaluation Center for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders (WECAN), part of the Unified Clinics at Western Michigan University is accepting new referrals. The clinic is the only Approved Autism Evaluation Center located in southwest Michigan. The diagnostic team uses an interprofessional, collaborative approach to assessment to examine a child’s skills, development and behavior while offering comprehensive, interdisciplinary diagnostic evaluations for autism spectrum disorder. Physician referral is required for a diagnostic evaluation through the Western Evaluation Center for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders at Western Michigan University.

OT Clinic

OT specialty clinics accepting applications for fall

The Marion R. Spear Occupational Therapy Teaching Clinic at Western Michigan University will be offering services during the fall semester. The clinic is accepting applications for their Finicky Eaters and Skills for Living programs.

CTAC logo

Changes to CTAC referrals announced

Beginning June 1, CTAC will be under contract with the State of Michigan for comprehensive transdisciplinary neurodevelopmental trauma assessments, as well as clinical assessments performed by CTAC mental health clinicians only.