College Success Seminars

College success seminars 

Each College Success Seminar provides a forum to allow students the opportunity to develop new or refine current academic and professional skills.

  • All seminars are free
  • No registration required

College Success Seminars fall 2018 schedule will be available this fall

List of Seminar Topics

 Seminars required for testing out of LS 1040

 Example seminar outlines

 Additional seminar topics 

  • Approaches to problem-solving
  • Communication differences: professors and classmates
  • Coping with test anxiety
  • Enhancing your reading comprehension
  • Financial cents: breaking budget
  • Finishing strong: preparing for finals
  • First works: Making the most of your first grades
  • Mid-semester check-in
  • Preparing for a successful semester
  • Strengthening basic math skills
  • Study strategies for success