Campus Resources

Academic advising
Advisors provide students with information and guidance as it relates to program and curriculum requirements, academic policies and procedures and various academic issues and concerns. Advisors will evaluate transfer courses for applicability to programs of study, assist with course selection and when appropriate, refer students to support systems, informational resources and individuals. 

Academic calendar and important dates
These calendars include important dates for each semester, including registration dates, refund dates, withdrawal dates, finals, midterm grading and final grading.

Counseling services
Your time at Western Michigan University may include stress, complicated decisions or challenging situations. Counselors help students identify challenges and make changes to manage the emotional and social difficulties that might complicate college life. Counseling Services offer short-term individual, couples and group counseling for a diverse student population. The counseling process can help students learn skills to cope with problems and develop new ways of thinking, which may lead to a healthier and more fulfilling lifestyle.

Disabled student resources and services
Provides tutoring and small group literacy instruction to individuals of all ages who may be experiencing difficulties with reading and writing. 

Dorothy J. McGinnis Reading Center and Clinic
Over a period spanning nearly 70 years, the McGinnis Reading Center and Clinic at Western Michigan University has provided numerous clinical, research and diagnostic services to a diverse population of children, university students and adults in our local and surrounding communities. Throughout its history, the clinic has continued to provide on-going functions while expanding services in literacy. In more recent years, the clinic has served as a practicum experience for undergraduate and graduate students in diagnostic assessment and instruction. The goal is to continue to expand services and broaden community outreach efforts.

Registrar's Office
The Registrar’s Office is responsible for maintaining the integrity of academic records for all individuals who pursue their education at Western Michigan University. Academic records include student academic information, records of enrollment, academic status, degree completion and directory information. The Registrar’s Office also provides administrative support and services for students, faculty, staff and administration. Services include academic schedule preparation, assigning classroom space, assistance with the grading process, graduation auditing and veteran services.

Division of Student Affairs
The mission of Western Michigan University's Division of Student Affairs is to foster involvement, growth and development in safe, healthy and inclusive learning environments. All of the programs and services within the division are intentionally designed to support the academic mission of the University, create and sustain optimal learning environments both in and outside of the classroom and provide appropriate challenge and support for students. A vital component of WMU, the division helps to guide development of students into responsible citizens and future leaders.

Study abroad
Studying abroad is a seminal experience that can greatly enhance your education by raising your geographical and cultural awareness—two key areas of interest for today's employers seeking new hires. Whether you are a business major, biology major, fashion major, foreign language major, or any major in between, Western Michigan University has a study abroad program suited for you.

Veterans Tutoring Services
Veterans, dependents, active-duty military personnel and reservists receiving funding assistance from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs may qualify for tutorial assistance.

Waldo Library
Dwight B. Waldo Library is the University Libraries' main library and houses the materials classified in anthropology, art, aviation, biological sciences, business, chemistry, computer sciences, economics, engineering, English, environmental studies, foreign languages, geography, geosciences, global and international studies, history, humanities, law, literature, mathematics, medicine, medieval studies, physics, philosophy, political science, psychology, public administration, religion, sciences, social work, sociology, speech pathology and technology. Amenities offered by Waldo Library include best sellers, a new books area, lounge, faculty carrels, group study rooms and quiet study areas.

Writing Center
The Writing Center at Western Michigan University is dedicated to creating and fostering a campus culture that values writing as an essential process by which individuals develop scholarly knowledge, critical thinking skills and practical wisdom. The Writing Center helps writers at all levels and of all abilities determine strategies for effective communication and to make academically responsible choices at any stage in the writing process and in any genre of writing.