Traveling by Personal Car


Western Michigan University faculty and staff traveling by personal car must have prior authorization by their department head. Generally authorization may be obtained under one of the following reasons:

  • Common carrier service, (such as airplane, bus, etc.) is not available without undue loss of time.
  • Two or more staff members are eligible for similar travel authorization and their driving together would mean an overall savings to WMU.
  • Use of an automobile will permit the traveler to make stops en route and perform duties more effectively.
  • It will cost Western Michigan University no more than by other means.
  • The use of an automobile will not require the traveler to be away from duties for a substantially longer period than travel by common carrier (such as airplane, bus, etc.).

Please note: Insurance is not provided on student-owned vehicles.

Reimbursement for travel by personal car

The following items will be reimbursed by filling out a Western Michigan University travel expense voucher:

  • Private car mileage, when authorized, will be reimbursed for either in-state or out-of-state trips at the set amount per mile. This rate is set by accounts payable and is listed on the travel expense voucher.
  • Bridge and turnpike tolls, receipts should be obtained.

Liabilities for personal cars used on Western Michigan University business

Liability coverage provided for the use of personal cars is excess coverage; that is, the coverage carried by the owner would apply first, in event of an accident, with costs above those limits being covered by Western Michigan University's policy for those instances where coverage is provided by the University's coverage contract. Physical damage insurance has not been purchased nor provided for personal cars by the University.